VET and HRD research in European countries 



This section includes bibliographical details of the national reports referred to in both the Profile and the Overview and of further studies related to this resource base. 

National reports

The national reports, providing basic information on VET and HRD research in 25 European countries, were prepared by members of the Cedefop ReferNet, mainly in 2006, and subsequently published by Cedefop in the European Training Village. They first appeared in the Information Base of the European Research Overview (ERO Base), accessible for downloading via the search page ERO National Research Reports. They were also made available as online documents in Cedefop's bibliographical database VET-Bib, retrievable as a complete set via the search link ENRRs. Full details of the individual reports have been compiled, as part of this resource base, on a separate page:

Bibliography of national research reports.

Further studies

The comparative Profile includes references to selected studies mapping the research field of VET and HRD across Europe as a whole. These studies have also been published in both the ERO Base and the VET-Bib. The following selection is available for viewing and downloading:

  • Issues arising from an institutional analysis of HRD/VET research (Manning 2006): Theses for discussion - Round table Tilburg - Round table Geneva
  • Thematic patterns derived from a project analysis (Manning 2007): Study 
  • Thematic and methodological aspects of the relationship between HRD and VET research in the light of recent EU projects (Dif 2007): Study 
  • Issues of HRD and VET addressed in CEEC (Manning 2007): Overview 
  • The relation between European and national issues of HRD and VET - a Romanian perspective on recent R&D projects (Voicu 2007): Study
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