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Professional contact people at European level are carrying out responsible activities related to the following associations/ networks, journals and projects in the field of VET and HRD research: 

Associations and networks 
Journals and series 
  • CREDIVOC (Transparency and mobility through accreditation of vocational learning outcomes)
  • E-Methods (New Methods of Evaluating Student’s Performance in the Vocational Training System)
  • Older Workers and Lifelong Learning
  • AERONET(Identification of common skill needs in the aeronautic industry)
  • CROSSLIFE (Cross-cultural collaboration in lifelong learning and work)
  • CVTS2-Revisited (Continuing Vocational Training in Europe - Benchmarks and best practice)
  • DECOWE (Development of competencies in the world of work and education) 
  • DEQU (Development of elements for quality assurance within practice oriented higher education)
  • EGCRF (European Guidance and Counselling Research Forum)
  • EPANIL (European Common Principles for the Accreditation of Non-formal and Informal Learning in Lifelong Learning)
  • EurOccupations (Developing a detailed 8-country occupations database for comparative socio-economic research in the European Union)
  • EuroguideVAL (The professionalisation of practitioners active in the field of APEL - Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning)
  • EUROTRAINER (A study of the situation and qualification of trainers in Europe)
  • EXEMPLO (Assesment of non-formally required competencies of EXperienced EMPLOyees)
  • Guidance in Europe (Comparative and evaluative analysis of guidance and counselling services for out of work individuals and workers at risk in five European countries)
  • KMPlus (SME Knowledge Exploitation and Learning through Knowledge Management)
  • LILARA (Learning in Local and Regional Authorities)
  • LITVETNET (Modelling of the regional networks of vocational education and training in Lithuania)
  • MASKS (Matching Skills in the Knowledge Society)
  • Modules (Approval of modules in prevocational education and training)
  • Peer Review Extended (Peer Review Extended - Implementing the Common Quality Assurance Framework (CQAF) through Peer Review)
  • QualiVET (Quality development and quality assurance with labour market reference for the VET system in the metal sector)
  • QUAL-PRAXIS (Quality Assurance and Practice-Oriented Assessment in Vocational Education and Training)
  • Reflective Evaluation (Reflective Quality Development for CVT Teachers and Trainers through Self-Evaluation)
  • STEP (Service Sector Training in European Employment Practices)
  • TEVAL (Evaluation Model for Teaching and Training Practice Competences)
  • TransEQFrame (Trans-European Qualifications Framework Development)
  • TTplus (TTplus – A framework for the continuing professional development of trainers)
  • VQTS (Vocational Qualification Transfer System)
  • WLP : Work & Learning Partners (Improving Quality of Informal Learning through Tools and Instruments for Workplace Learning Partnerships (WLPs)
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