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Some important initiatives in Austrian education and training policy, which are related to research and development in varying degrees, are the following:

Policies to improve the quality and efficient use of resources in the overall education and training system

A first policy strand which is only loosely related to VET are additional national research efforts to use the PISA study for quality improvement ( Because of the structure of the system the assessment takes place when the youth cohort studies already in the VET system. Related to the PISA study, efforts are made to establish a system of competence standards in compulsory education.

A second policy strand is the development of an overall and coherent framework for quality development and quality assurance in the VET school sector (Qualität in der Berufsbildung QIBB; as an example: 

Foresight studies about the development of participation in upper secondary education have been conducted as an information source for the planning of resources (

Policies to support the inclusion of young people who do not find an apprenticeship training

Since the late 1990s a system of measures has been established to provide alternative options for young people who cannot find a place for an apprenticeship in an accredited training enterprise. Those measures haven been evaluated by research ( 

Policies to assess the supply and demand match on the labour market, and to anticipate the demand for qualifications and competences

A major initiative from the AMS is the establishment of a very differentiated system providing information about the opportunities on the labour market (Qualifikations-Barometer: This system has been developed, and is regularly updated by research efforts (analysis of economic and employment data, analysis of job advertisements, etc.). 

A basic research project has been conducted to analyse the Austrian anticipation practice (, and several follow-ups are under way to improve the system (to improve classifications, to make better use of statistical data, etc.)

More specific policies which have been supported by research are the reform of teacher education for compulsory schools (, and the development planning of the Fachhochschule sector in higher education (

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