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Austrian VET research is mainly done by non-university institutions, which often focus on applied research and development. A strong base in the university system does not exist so far. Some steps haven been taken in the university sector to strengthen adult education research by the establishment of a specialised department for research in continuing education and educational management at the Donau Universität Krems (, and by the further development of the department for adult education and vocational education at the University of Klagenfurt ( 

The main financial sources are still invested by the labour market authorities, and therefore there is no clear separation between VET research, research about occupational development and labour market research. Main players are the research branch of the public employment service (AMS), and the administration of the VET system based in the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. The AMS has set up a research branch, and is hosting a research network. The ministry supports abf- Austria, and has set up a series of edited books about “Innovation in VET” ( The recent analysis of publications might indicate a slight reduction in the weight of the labour market research. 

The main funding resources are provided via commissioned research projects, and by European sources. Funding institutions are the AMS (public employment service), the Federal Ministry for Education, finance, and Culture and the Federal Ministry for Economics and Labour, and the institutions of social partnership. The LEONARDO DA VINCI Nationalagentur ( provides a support structure for the participation in European projects. 

The amount of resources is not known because of the scattered structure of financing mechanisms. 

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