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First, VET research is strongly related to policy, and has got some impetus by the Austrian EU-presidency. Several inputs have been developed at the research level, which might be taken up for implementation. Several policy fields have been identified, which are related to educational R&D to some degree: policies to improve quality and efficient use of resources; policies to support the inclusion of young people; policies to assess the supply and demand match on the labour market, and to anticipate the demand for qualifications and competences; the development of an effective system of guidance and counselling. 

Second, the information base for the analysis activities and institutions in Austrian VET research is still weak. As VET research is not institutionalised as a research area so far, the borders to other research areas (labour market research and more general educational research) are not clear. Steps have been taken to improve coordination of research, funding is mainly provided in a scattered way for individual projects, there are only very few topics under research during longer periods of time, and there is no overview about financial means. abf- Austria has been founded as a core group of institutions in VET research. The documentation of activities in VET research can be improved, and funding should be more coordinated and sustainable.

Third, some ideas for improvement are given (e.g. to provide a better overview and to make activities more visible), and two areas are identified where more research should be done: economics of education, and research about adult and continuing education.

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Austria (bibliographical details see Reference)
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