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Link between EU sponsored VET/HRD research and policies in Belgium are demonstrated by the following projects:

The European e-competence initiative “EU eCOMPInt” is an e-learning project for teachers at university level, which is supported by the European Commission. Via a broad study this project will give an overview of the existing e-Competence training. It will make an analysis of needs within higher education. It will develop examples of blended learning and create scenarios which combine face-to-face and online modules on a coherent manner for such training. In practice this research project will consist of the following broad activities: to make a field study of the existing all European e-Competence programmes in the higher education; to make a policy oriented analysis of the integration of e-Competence programmes towards the institutional innovation strategies; to develop a European service platform for e-Competence consultation and support and to disseminate and apply research results and of this European service for staff development.

The second EU sponsored VET/HRD research project is called ESIST: Improvement Of Training For School Executive Boards : A European Perspective. This project, supported in the framework of the Comenius programme, aims to improve the training for school executive boards.

The third European project “Girls And Data Processing” is intended to promote the intake of the number of female data processing students and to improve the future perspectives of training for this target group.

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