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The most important issues and themes in Belgium are combating unemployment and creating jobs for target groups via proportial diversity and higher employment rates, training, implementing lifelong learning strategies, and innovation. 

Training is identified as a central theme in the sectoral negotiations in 2007-2008. Furthermore, the social partners are urging officials responsible for education policy to deploy all means and resources that enable young people to finish their courses with qualifications.

Various studies have exposed obstacles to the Belgian innovation system. The social partners share this analysis. The aim of several projects is to combat these obstacles. Although, as the social partners note, there is no mention of modernising the labour market. 

ANNEX: Selection of ERO Base projects

On the Flemish side there are the following research projects :

1) Innovation and Labour (Market) - An exploration of the consistency from the Flemish Policy point of view

2) Education Innovation and Learning Flexibility in the Secondary Vocational and Technical Education

3) Beyond Meritocraty? Explaining Persistent Social Inequality Iin Education and Lifelong Learning

4) Lifelong Learning and the Return of Adults to Higher Education

5) Advancement and Actualisation of the Database "Diplomas and Level of Education of the Belgian Population"

6) E- competence project

7) Conception about learning : the critical passage of basis to secondary education

8) Careers of students-Students in education and the passage of education to the labour market

9) Employment, training and education in the artistic sector, bottle neck analysis and development of monitoring tools

10) Development and implementation of a competency-based management system for trainers in continuing vocational education and training, to be integrated into existing Human Resources systems

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