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Belgium  [5]  Funding framework of VET/HRD research

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In Belgium there is national and regional governmental support for research and development. It takes different forms: Related to the objectives as mentioned in the national and regional action plans, a federal or regional government could decide to support research by subsidising .This form of support is the major instrument for implementing the priorities in the framework of the national and regional policies as set out in the National or Regional Action Plan Programmes. 

Resources to support research and development linked to VET/HRD are provided from the budgets of the relevant Policy Area and ministries in Flanders. For the Flemish community these are the former Department of Education, now called: POLICY AREA EDUCATION AND TRAINING, and the Flemish POLICY AREA WORK and SOCIAL ECONOMY (the former Ministry of the Flemish Community- Dept. Employment Administration) related to financing of VET/HRD research that is primarily implemented by research institutions, universities and higher education institutions. 

For Wallonia there are the Ministry for Education, Training, Research of the French community (Ministère de l'Education, de la Formation, de la Recherche de la Communauté Française ) and the Ministry of Education of the French community (Ministère de l'Education de la Communauté Française R&D), the Public Body in the French-speaking Community of Belgium Education and scientific research, related to financing of VET/HRD research that is primarily implemented by research institutions and universities (like the University center of Charlerloi -Centre Universitaire de Charleroi -Cunic and the Free University of Brussels).

There is also the institutional support focused on medium-term plans of research institutions and on specific research carried out by universities and higher education institutions. Resources are provided from the mentioned budgets of policy areas and ministries.
Research institutions, universities and higher education institutions can also do basic research by self-financing. 

Research and Development is otherwise also supported by means of programmes co-funded from the European Social Fund and Objective 3, whose aim is to improve people’s skills and employment prospects. Most important to know is that financing resources are different in Flanders and Wallonia, depending on the issues that need to be examined. Labour market issues in Flanders do not have the same proportion of EU-financing as in Wallonia.

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