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In Belgium there is the National Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and its networks. According to its statutes, the first mission of this Federation is to put the resources of the individual member Chambers together in order to find solutions to common problems, and to operate in political neutrality. The Belgian CCIs launched an ambitious Accreditation Program in April 1999, aimed at the development of coherence and high quality of services, and the development of professional and efficient HR management. More than 500 seminars are organised in the network of the CCIs per year; practical training based on the exchange of experiences between entrepreneurs in direct contact with on-site reality. The SME's look essentially for programmes with important added value that can become directly productive. The Plato programme (PLATO Vlaanderen /Flanders and PLATO Wallonie / Wallonia) that is built around the sponsoring by larger companies has already assembled more than 3.000 SME's and is experiencing an increasing national and international success.

The Belgian Chambers of Commerce are organisations of  private status, politically neutral, and covering all sectors of activity. Today the network counts 16 local CCIs in Belgium. Several CCIs have more than one office in their region. The CCIs exist by and for the companies, they are administered by representative leaders of companies, they participate in economical and social development. The CCIs represent the interests of the community of companies by ensuring the promotion of the economical development at the local and regional level. They have a mission as consultants towards the Governments and the Authorities. They administer technical missions delegated by the Authorities according to the principle of subsidiarity that they intend to promote. The CCIs propose a very wide range of services to the companies with a constant concern for the highest added value: training, information and advice, administrative formalities, the creation of companies, export and internationalisation, etc.... The CCIs are the real "business network" of companies, organising numerous meetings and forums. This role of being a platform is extremely active locally everywhere in Belgium, but also in permanent relation with the same structures in Europe and the rest of the world.

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