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Major lines of action for target groups to create jobs in the economy are important issues for R&D in VET and HRD. One of these lines is Training, which is identified as a central theme in the sectoral negotiations in 2007-2008. Furthermore, the social partners are urging officials responsible for education policy to deploy all means and resources that enable young people to finish their studies with qualifications. In the framework of training, lifelong learning strategies are playing a strategic role. Belgium will promote lifelong learning through improving the quality and efficiency of education and training systems, in order to equip all individuals with the skills required for a modern workforce in a knowledge-based society, to permit their career development and to reduce skills mismatch and bottlenecks or professions for chance groups in the labour market.

Various studies have exposed obstacles to the Belgian innovation system. The social partners share this analysis. The aim of several projects is to combat these obstacles. Although, as the social partners note, there is no mention of modernising the labour market. On the Flemish side, the research project “Innovation And Labour (Market)" will develop points of interest for an innovation oriented labour market policy.

Despite the fact that three quarters of investments from companies have the destination for training and development, there is a demand for several sectors in Belgium is to diminish the gap between secondary education skills and skills needed for the labour market. The ministers of education are preparing new restructuring measures to reduce this gap.

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