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Basic national priorities are in compliance with the EU policy and Education and Training 2010 objectives, with the purpose to ensure quality and stability in education and the development of the system for vocational qualification, re-qualification, and LLL. In this respect two important national documents were approved by the Council of Ministers and recently are under implementation National Strategy for CVT (2005-2010) and National Employment Strategy (2005-2010). The main purpose of those documents is a concept for education and training reforms related to labout market requirements, linked with concrete measures and activities. 

In terms of improvement of ICT skills and competences the Government, in April 2005, adopted the National Strategy and Action Plan for introducing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in secondary education in Bulgaria, including VET. The documents had been jointly developed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) and the Ministry of Education and Science (MES).

Recently operational programmes for HRD (under MLSP), Regional Development (under MRD) and Competitiveness (under ME) are under development in terms of providing a national programming cycle for the future management of European Structural funds. All these programmes have priorities and measures related to HRD.

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Bulgaria (details see Bibliography)
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