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New possibilities for the development of VET with particular emphasis on CVT are available with the initiation of projects and national programmes, which include a training component. 

In 2004, a pilot phase of the project on “Vocational training and social realization of young individuals who have dropped out of the educational system” began, and in 2005 project implementation continued. The project covers the whole territory of Bulgaria and is realized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Regional Inspectorates of MES, the Employment Agency, including its regional structures, the Bulgarian-German centers for vocational training in Pleven and Stara Zagora, vocational schools and gymnasia. 

Other projects:

  • "Human Resources Development and Promotion of Employment" - purpose: development of training needs analysis and promotion of active labour market measures; elaboration and implementation of strategy for LLL in the context of EU employment strategy priorities 
  • "Clearing the path to employment for youths - grant scheme for enhanced capacity and collaboration on local level" - purpose: to Increased level of employability, adaptability and entrepreneurship of youths, 18-29 years old
  • "Alternative employment for promotion of alternative forms of businesses among newly established and existing SMEs in the targeted regions" - purpose: to increase level of employability and entrepreneurship of the labour force in the context of the alternative employment
  • "Development of adult learning centres network"  purpose: to create a system for CVT for adults through 7 centres in the pilot phase
  • "Support on social dialogue" - purpose: to improve institutional and management capacity through involvement in the social dialogue structures
The Bulgarian Human Resources Management and Development Association participate in the development of a project for the introduction of Standards in Human Resources Management based on professional competencies. This project started in 2001 and is in accordance with BHRMDA mission to increase the competence of professionals working in the area of HRM and to create appropriate infrastructures and conditions for achieving European standards. The British Council funds the project. A partner in the project is the School of Management at the New Bulgarian University. British consultants from CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – United Kingdom) support the development of the project. 

 “HR WEB Compass “– project under Leonardo da Vinchi program (PP – BG/03/B/P/PP - 166027  -Web enabled competence based assessment and certification of human resource professionals), partners: SM-NBU, Europe Consulting Ltd.- UK, GKN Automotive International College of Engineering – Germany, Euro Contact Business School – Hungary, Glenrothes College – UK, Griffo Multimedia – Italy, BHRMDA and Business Agency Varna. Home page:

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