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Current VET/HRD research

National policy documents such as CVT strategy and Employment Strategy have been developed in compliance with EU policy priorities. Those strategies are currently under implementation by responsible authorities. This is a positive action in the field of trans-institutional cooperation and awareness raising on the HRD process.

(Further aspects:)

  • Greater flexibility in acquiring knowledge and finding new ways to recognize the competencies.
  • Creating an appropriate environment for valuing non-formal or informal learning of Human Resource Professionals (HRP) through reliable identification, assessment and recognition of their competence.
  • Supporting the preparation of a base for transfer and mutual recognition of professional certificates and diplomas awarded to HRP, satisfying the requirements of competence-based trans-national standards.
  • Developing a system capable for use in competency-based assessment of other categories of professionals, when appropriate occupational standards are available.

Future VET/HRD research

  • Training of VET teachers, lectors and trainers in the field of vocational training of adults;
  • Defining needs and forms of training on the basis of conducting a thorough permanent analysis of the links between the labour market development and the training provided;
  • Orientation of the social partnership towards improvement of practical training conditions, improvement of curricula and syllabus and methods of training (modular approach, distance learning, practice in real working environment), co-operation and joint work among the employers for financing and conducting the training of employees, etc.
  • Development of a Lifelong Guidance System
(Further aspects:)
  • To examine decision-making about workforce development
  • To examine human resource management in VET providers for a changing environment: What is the state of HRD in Bulgaria and internationally? What models of HRM/HRD will fit the requirements of VET providers in the future?
  • To examine and analyze the critical aspects in teaching, adult learning and development 
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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Bulgaria (details see Bibliography)
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