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The provision of employment forecasts in economic sectors and occupations, including both expansion and replacement demand (1), is a research area in which Cyprus is particularly advanced. In October 2005, a two-day European Workshop attended by 30 experts in skill needs forecasting was co-organised in Cyprus by Cedefop, HRDA and the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market at the Maastricht University (ROA).

Many research projects aim at the analysis of human resources issues in the labour market covering employed, unemployed and economically inactive people as well as their participation in education and training, for all persons and for females separately (14), the mobility of the human resources (2) and the introduction of flexible forms of employment (3).

As the share and contribution of foreign labour in the Cyprus labour market are constantly rising, its effects and future projections feature prominently in VET/HRD research (4&5).

Research is being conducted on the evaluation of the impact of programmes and activities in vocational education and training leading to necessary reforms and adjustments (6). This is complemented by research on the evaluation of teachers and trainers and their lifelong development and on the implementation and evaluation of information technology in education and training, considered as necessary steps towards upgrading the quality of education and training provision (7, 8 &9).

The development of training tools for specific sectors, occupations and groups of people such as entrepreneurs (10), medical personnel (11), tourism (12), farmers (13) and household assistants constitutes another research area that features prominently in the research agenda of Cyprus.

ANNEX: Selection of ERO Base projects
  1. Employment Forecasts in Cyprus 2005-2015
  2. Mobility of the Human Resources in the Labour Market of Cyprus 2000 2004
  3. Promotion of modern and flexible forms of employment for the promotion of access of women to the labour market
  4. Employment Trends and Forecasts for Foreign Labour in Cyprus
  5. The Economic Effects of Foreign Labour in Cyprus
  6. Ex-Post Evaluation of the Existing Schemes of the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus
  7. Evaluation of teachers´ in-service training programmes offered by the Pedagogical Institute in 2005-2006
  8. The development of a European digital portfolio for the evaluation of educators
  9. Lifelong Education and Teachers Professional Development
  10. Business incubator management training institute
  11. Electronic Continuous Medical Education
  12. Identification and development of managerial models for small and medium hotel and tourism enterprises. Evaluation of the professional and academic training of employees in Cyprus
  13. Development of Rural Areas Through Knowledge
  14. Gender mainstreaming in the Mass Media of Cyprus and the relationship with the perceptions of youth. Comparison with the EU policy
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