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In the years 2004-2005 several extensive pilot projects were implemented in the CR as part of the Leonardo da Vinci programme. Most of projects were focused on supporting the transparency and recognition of education. Some projects aimed at the development and piloting of competence evaluation methods concerning professional or personal development. One project was implemented in the field of teachers training.

The measures of the operational programmes OP HRD and JPD3, which concern education and human resources development, are co-funded from the ESF. They focus both on large systemic projects supporting the development of education and HRD at national and regional levels, and on smaller projects funded from grants which support various target groups or educational activities. ESF operational programmes were launched in 2004. During 2005 a number of large systemic projects were started which should contribute to the implementation of curricular reform, the development of the National Qualifications System, the establishment of conditions for quality assurance in education and the development of career guidance for young people. 

The Czech Republic has for long been involved in OECD projects which periodically assess the competencies and literacy on the part of students as well as the adult population. Another large part of projects is focused on analyses and recommendations concerning the education policy and system development, especially of tertiary education. 

Within the EU Framework Programme, most projects are focused on thematic network creation, based on international thematic co-operation, where the perspective of European enlargement and integration is applied: The CR also joined the 6th Framework Programme of the EU. The relevant consultation and information activities are carried out by the National Information Centre for European Research (NICER) which was set up by the Technological Centre of the Academy of Sciences. It provides a comprehensive support to Czech organisations pursuing their integration into the European Research Area (ERA). 

(Project examples are included in the ERO National Research Report - Section 2.)

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