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Národní vzdělávací fond (NVF - National Training Fund) supports human resources development, lifelong learning, employment and social development. One section of the NVF is the National Observatory of Employment and Training which focuses on analysing trends and policies in employment and education, forecasting labour market qualification needs, and on research into the quality of human resources as a competitiveness factor.

Národní ústav odborného vzdělávání (NÚOV - National Institute of Technical and Vocational Education) is part of the MŠMT. It supports the development of and carries out research into secondary vocational and higher professional education, develops the relevant development strategies and policies and takes part in their implementation. In particular, it co-ordinates the development of curricular documents and the system of branches of education, monitors the situation of graduates in the labour market, develops the National Qualifications System including the relevant qualification and evaluation standards.

Ústav pro informace ve vzdělávání (ÚIV - Institute for Information on Education) falls within the purview of the MŠMT and focuses mainly on carrying out statistical surveys and data on the Czech education system, and providing analyses and international comparisons. It is involved in international research concerning measurement of results in education - assessment of reading, science, and mathematics literacy.

Výzkumný ústav pedagogický v Praz (VÚP - Research Institute of Education in Prague) falls within the purview of the MŠMT. It supports the development of and carries out research into pre-school, primary and secondary general education, and the education of children and young people with special learning needs. Its main responsibility is the development of curricula documents and methodological materials.

Ústav výzkumu a rozvoje vzdělávání (ÚVRV - Institute of Research and Development of Education) is part of the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University. It supports the development of pedagogical sciences and education policies. The Centre for Education Policy operates within the Institute, which co-ordinates the development of principal documents concerned with education policy.

CERGE-EI (Centre for Economic Research and Graduate Education of Charles University - Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the CR) - provides theoretical and empirical research related to the ongoing transition to the market system and economic integration. In the field of HRD it focuses on returns to human capital investment, quantitative models and analysis concerning individual issues of labour market development, wages and qualification needs.

Výzkumný ústav práce a sociálních věcí (VÚPSV - Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs) - provides applied research on labour and social affairs at regional, national and international levels. In the field of HRD it focuses mainly on labour market issues, projections of qualification needs, social dialogue, equal opportunities, incomes and wages.

Sociologický ústav Akademie věd České republiky (SOÚ AVČR - Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) carries out basic and applied sociological research, conducts empirical surveys, comparative research studies, public opinion surveys, and case studies. Apart from this it is concerned with sociological aspects of access to education and of HRD conditions.

Centrum pro studium vysokého školství (CSVŠ - Centre for Higher Education Studies) – is concerned with analytical and comparative studies of higher education and research policy, especially legislation, quality management, strategic planning, research management, funding, staff development and student affairs.

Fakulta sociálních studií Masarykovy univerzity (FSS MU - European School for Social Science - faculty of Masaryk University.) Researchers at the faculty conduct research into the issues of social inclusion and exclusion and adult education at various stages of the lifecycle.

Fakulta sociálních věd Univerzity Karlovy (FSV UK - Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University) develops teaching and research in those aspects of the social sciences, which relate to public administration or to the economic and cultural life of society.

Centrum pedagogického výzkumu Pedagogické fakulty MU (CPV PedF MU - Educational Research Centre at the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University) is primarily focused on the didactics of general and vocational subjects. As regards VET it carries out research projects focusing on the training of teachers and on promoting the European dimension in education.

Governmental bodies involved in VET/HRD research:

Rada vlády pro výzkum a vývoj (Research and Development Council)

Rada vlády pro rozvoj lidských zdrojů (Government Council for Human Resources Development)

MPSV – Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí (Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs)

MŠMT – Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)

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