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Česká společnost ekonomická (ČSE – Czech Economic Society) is a civic association of specialists in and supporters of economics. The main objective of ČSE is to promote the development and to increase popular awareness of economics in the CR. It organises lectures, seminars and conferences, and prepares and issues publications on economic issues. ČSE seeks to improve the quality of business education and research, and organises annual competitions for young economists. On some occasions it awards a prize for a long-standing contribution to the development of Czech business learning. The Society holds annual conferences.

Česká asociace pedagogického výzkumu (ČAPV – Czech Education Research Association) is a member of the EERA (European Education Research Association). It is an organisation for both experts and lay people. Its mission is to improve the quality of the education process by means of pedagogical research, exchange of information among the researchers, dissemination of the research results and their practical application. Pedagogical research is perceived from an inter-disciplinary perspective – as all research activities in education and schooling. ČAPV organises annual conferences dealing with topical issues in pedagogical research.

Česká společnost pro rozvoj lidských zdrojů (ČSRLZ – Czech Society for Human Resources Development) is a member of the EAPM (European Association of Personnel Management) and WFPMA (World Federation of Personnel Management Associations). It is a professional non-profit association of legal entities, aiming to increase awareness on the part of the Czech population of HR management in companies, and to facilitate mutual communication of HR professionals and management. It provides a platform for the exchange of information, reliable references and experience related to HRD, co-operates with other professional institutions and facilitates transfer of international experience.

Česká demografická společnost (ČDS - Czech Demographic Society) is an organisation with a selective membership consisting of researchers, teachers and specialists in the area of demography and related disciplines. The Society promotes the development of demography by means of supporting scientific and scientific/popular studies and disseminating new knowledge. It develops prognostic activities and assists its members in their professional work. It also organises lectures, conferences and seminars and puts forward proposals and suggestions concerning the development of demography to the relevant professional organisations and bodies. It co-operates with international and foreign companies with a similar orientation.

Česká pedagogická společnost (ČPdS – Czech Pedagogical Society) is a scientific society associating researchers, teachers and other individuals who show a professional interest in pedagogy and related disciplines. It is a member of the Council of Scientific Societies of the Academy of Sciences of the CR. Its objective is to support the development of pedagogical and related sciences and practical application of the new knowledge. It focuses on the education of all age categories, organises regional and national events with international participation (e.g. annual national conferences dealing with topical pedagogical issues, panel discussions on topical educational issues etc.), seminars, courses, etc. Moreover, it provides various specialist services for decision-makers – e.g. the MŠMT (expertises, projects, etc.), and issues a professional journal “Pedagogická orientace” and, as need may be, other non-periodical publications.

Česká statistická společnost (ČSS – Czech Statistical Society) associates a broad spectrum of statisticians including specialists in business and state statistics, demography and social sciences. It establishes preconditions for the development of statistics in the Czech Republic and provides its members with professional information about new knowledge in this area. It facilitates co-operation between statisticians-theorists and statisticians-practitioners, and the maintenance of high standards of education and statistical practices in the CR. The Society also supports professional events, organises seminars on various topics and issues a specialist bulletin.

Masarykova česká sociologická společnost (MČSS - The Masaryk Czech Sociological Association) associates sociologists, specialists in related professions and lay people who are interested in sociological issues. Its main objective is to support the development of sociology in research, teaching and practice, and to popularise the results of sociological research among the professional as well as lay public. It is focused on professional events dealing with key issues related to the current and future development of society, organises discussion forums for its members and for specialists in other disciplines. It supports the development of international co-operation between institutions concerned with sociological issues, universities and associations.

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