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In the Czech Republic recent years have seen an increased effectiveness of education/HRD research, although in terms of international comparison the results are still below average (e.g. very low indicators of the relative quotation index etc.). 

There is a positive trend in that research has been shifting from general to thematic projects, and from one-year projects to those lasting several years. As regards research initiated by various ministries there is a marked shift from operational research tasks commissioned by ministries to support for reforming strategies, and from regular statutory funding of ministerial research institutions to project-based allocations. Other research activities are funded on the basis of bidding procedures. The development and updating of the National R&D Programme, which started in 2002, promotes a more policy-based research.

The main themes covered by VET/HRD research activities are the following: Human resources development strategy and policy; education policy and the development of educational sectors; national qualifications system including recognition of non-formal and informal learning; quality in the education system; curriculum development; development of the system of continuing education and the quality of HR; analysis and forecasting labour market qualification needs; equal access to education; ICT in education. 

Most research activities are carried out in specialised research institutes run by ministries: the Ministry of Education - NÚOV (National Institute for Technical and Vocational Education), UIV (Institute for Information on Education) and CSVŠ (Centre for Higher Education Studies); and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs – VÚPSV (Research Institute of Labour and Social Affairs). The NTF (National Training Fund) is an independent non-profit organisation which carries out research. Other research activities take place in the academic environment – i.e. at higher education institutions and their institutes (FSS MU, Charles University, CERGE) and in the Academy of Sciences (SOÚ AV). Several studies are also carried out by private organisations. 

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Czech Republic (details see Bibliography)
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