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There is no national overview of EU sponsored VET research projects. So the projects described here have to be seen as a random description of EU project activities in Denmark. 

The Danish Institute for Educational Training of Vocational Teachers is currently involved in two Leonardo da Vinci projects: One on quality assurance in social and health care training (coordinated by Twente University) and one on Reflective evaluation (coordinated by Flensburg University), a continuation project of the Leonardo da Vinci Self-Evaluation project which was completed in 2005. The former project focuses on the highly relevant area of quality assurance of the social and health care training programmes in Denmark. These programmes have recently been included in the Act on VET. The aim of the project is to analyse the review phase of quality assurance (see the European Common Quality Assurance Framework) and to see how this phase can be organised in a way that makes evaluation results an integral part of organisational learning. The Reflective project continues the Self-Evaluation project and focuses on disadvantaged groups on the labour market and how to ensure their quality of living - either in work or in other kinds of activities. The project has to be seen in the framework of lifelong learning and identification, recognition and validation of formal, non-formal and informal learning. 

The Danish University of Education is involved in a Leonardo da Vinci project on Modularisation in Prevocational Education and Training for Disadvantaged Young People, . coordinated by the University of Flensburg. The aim of the project is to develop a guidance tool for practitioners, school-leaders and policy makers describing the main features of modularisation and the criteria which are important to take into consideration when introducing the concept of modularisation in prevocational training. The project is closely connected with the ECVET initiative and with the issue of modularisation which is currently being introduced or debated in most EU Member States. 

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