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There is no specific organisation in Estonia to coordinate the preparation of research related to VET/HRD. The Planning Department of the Ministry of Education and Research collects information on the research projects conducted in Estonia in the field of education (including VET).

VET research is connected with the policies/reforms which take place in the field, and the research projects often tend to give a basis for political changes. For example, the study 'Arrangement of the VET network with respect to regional aspects of specialization (educational needs)' prepared for the Ministry of Education and Research by the Center for Policy Studies Praxis constituted a specific basis for restructuring and merging Estonian vocational education institutions with the purpose to optimise the operation of the vocational education network and to make it more effective.

As a result, the 'Development Plan for the State Vocational Educational Institutions Network in 2005-2008' was prepared for the reorganisation of the network. The same study was also used for planning the amendments made in the Vocational Educational Institutions Act, receiving political support for the changes and approving 'The State Vocational Education System Development Plan 2005-2008'.

As for labour market and employment, the results of the research projects conducted in the field constitute a basis for the annual planning of the volume and proportions of state-commissioned education. At the same time, the results are used for the preparation of curricula and vocational standards. Since 2004 the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications has prepared annual forecasts for workforce demand in Estonia (the latest being 'Employment prognosis until 2011'), according to which the state commission of student places in vocational education by study fields and vocations is laid down..

In 2005, the study 'Prognosis for employment in the Estonian wood processing sector 2005-2015' was started, which presents the forecast of employment by different levels of education and training in the wood processing sector in the years 2010 to 2015. The results of this study can also be used as a basis for planning the state-commissioned education at different levels of education.

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