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PRAXIS Center for Policy Studies
Founded in 2000, the mission of PRAXIS is to improve and contribute to the policy-making process in Estonia by conducting independent research, providing strategic counselling to policy makers and fostering public debate. Praxis has 4 main policy programs, these are: Innovation Policy; Labour and Social Policy; Education Policy; Health Policy.

Institute of Educational Research at Tallinn University
The was founded in 1998 with the objective to develop educational researches and support educational sciences in Estonia.

Institute of International and Social Studies at Tallinn University
Department of Social Stratification
Department of Family Sociology
Department of Government
TPU/IISS Centre Contemporary Cultural Studies

Educational research Centre at Tallinn Technical University
Research carried out during the years is varied and involves planning of education, economy, statistics, organisational and legal problems. In recent years relations between education and economy, disproportions between education and the labour market system, projected threats due to the weaknesses of educational system of Estonian society have been researched. 

Foundation For Lifelong Learning Development INNOVE
The Estonian National Observatory as a unit of the Foundation Innove carried out several research projects in the field of VET until 2003. Since 2004 the Estonian National Observatory coordinates the implementation of ReferNet tasks (reporting and disseminating VET related information) as ReferNet National Coordinator in Estonia.

The Association of Estonian Adult Educators (AEAE) ANDRAS
The Association is an Estonian non-governmental organisation, which unites the representatives of different branches of adult education and aims at increasing the competence of it members in the field of adult education.
Lifelong Learning Strategy
Adult Learners Week
Adult Education Forum
Adult Educators qualification standard

University of Tartu, faculty of economics (Institute of Economics)
The influence of Estonia's accession to the European Union on employment in professions acquiring specific preparation (Raul Eamets);
Planning of state-commissioned training for specialists with vocational education, applied higher education and academic higher education by applying European Union Structural Funds (Foundation Praxis Center for Policy Studies: Raul Eamets head of the work group).

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