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In Estonia, most of the research in vocational education and training is state-financed. The main financing bodies include the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. Financial support also filters through from the European Social Fund and the European Commission.

Ministry of Education and Research
The Ministry of Education and Research creates constant and continuous conditions and assumptions in order to guarantee access to life-long learning for all people in Estonia, which would enable them to achieve new standards of living. It is essential to maintain the goal-oriented, long-term and considered approach to the development of the education system. The Ministry of Education and Research is working on different educational projects at different levels, realising new ideas and concepts.  The Ministry may succeed in carrying out its mission only with the full support of its partners.

Ministry of Social Affairs
The objectives of the Ministry of Social Affairs are to ensure:
1) a balanced system of social services and benefits that stimulates working and supports independent ability to cope;
2) a stable and reliable social security system involving social risks and ensuring adequate income;
3) long-term work capacity and employment of people;
4) valued health culture and physical and social environment supporting health;
5) balanced availability of health services and medicinal products;
6) an environment sustaining intergenerational consideration and balancing working and family life, and a tolerant and sympathetic society.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
The objective of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is to create conditions through development, implementation and evaluation of the national economic policy for promoting the competitiveness and a balanced and sustainable development of the Estonian economy.

Foundation for Lifelong Learning Development Innove
The Foundation Innove was established with the objective to promote initiatives and activities of lifelong learning through Estonian and EU programmes in the area of human resources development.

Archimedes Foundation
The Archimedes Foundation was established with the objective to coordinate and implement different EU programmes and projects in the field of training, education, research, technological development and innovation.

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Estonia (details see Bibliography)
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