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There is no specific organisation in Estonia to coordinate the preparation of researches related to VET/HRD. The Planning Department of the Ministry of Education and Research collects information on the researches conducted in Estonia in the field of education (including VET).

The VET research is connected with the policies/reforms which takes take place in the field, and the research projects often tend to give a basis for political changes. In 2005, no separate researches on vocational education were passed, as the focus was shifted more towards employment and labour market researches, which were funded from the state budget. 

For example, the research project 'Arrangement of the VET network with respect to regional aspect of specialization (educational needs)', prepared for the Ministry of Education and Research by Praxis Center for Policy Studies, constituted a specific basis for restructuring and merging Estonian vocational educational institutions with the purpose to optimise the operation of the vocational education network and to make it more effective.

The general aim of VET/HRD research in Estonia is to improve the quality of VET by analysing the weaknesses of the VET system and to find solutions for eliminating the deficiencies. The research has been centred on a wide range of issues in 2005. Several research projects on adult education, employment, labour market and more general subjects were prepared. The research projects can roughly be divided in 2 categories: CVET and adult education (surveys about quality factors, financing model) and relations between VET and economy needs (surveys about educational and occupational structures, using ICT in education and training etc.).

The commission of researches in Estonia is based on projects, which leaves sufficient flexibility for reacting to different needs. However, the separation of analytical competence in the field between different research institutions could be seen as a negative aspect, as there is no research institution that could analyse the situation of VET by using data of critical mass.

At the moment, two objectives can be stated. One of the objectives is to develop a system of regular researches to enable thefor assessmenting of the operation and effectiveness of educational institutions as well as to offer the potential decision-makersders as much information as possible on the perspectives on of the labour market. On the other hand, the analysis is needed to decide on strategic planning and the priorities of the Structural Funds.

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Estonia (details see Bibliography)
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