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We can observe the existence of two parallel routes in the state administration and in the autonomous administration that have coincided in the objectives of promoting/financing projects pertaining to educational research, vocational training and human resources, as well as in the training of researchers: the first route, integrated within the General Research System through the National Plan and regional R+D+I plans; the second route, represented by the following actions,  Universities carry out research work and train researchers, fundamentally through the Departments and also through the University Institutes (ICEs). Amongst the universities and departments that have participated during the last few years in projects related with this subject we can cite:  Private non-profit organisations carry out complementary work, their contribution consisting in their specialisation in determined knowledge areas, as well as research in educational subjects beyond the school system, more related to other ambits of social reality (labour market, economic policy, linguistic policy, social exclusion phenomena). The role of private organisations in training and human resources research is notable when we consider the projects presented in the national convocations of the Complementary Actions of the Tripartite Foundation for Employment Training, a good exponent for the development of continuous training research, and in the Leonardo da Vinci and Socrates convocations within the framework of international projects. 
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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Spain (details see Bibliography)
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