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Within the field of education, REDINET constitutes a network of databases centred on educational information. Its members are the Ministry of Education and Science, through the Educational Research and Documentation Centre (CIDE), and the Autonomous Communities that have signed their adhesion to the project through their respective regional ministries. They exchange documentary information within the field of education and incorporate references of research, innovations and didactic resources produced within Spanish territory. The references available in the databases are: educational research such as doctoral thesis, dissertations, research projects in REDINET-Research; educational projects, pedagogical renewal and design of curricular in REDINET-Innovation; didactic guides, projects and programmes for the curricular development, workbooks and other materials related to teaching in REDINET-Didactic resources; articles from Spanish magazines, conference papers, etc. in REDINET-Magazines/ analysis.

The Secretariat of the Council of Universities, through the University Coordination Council, has at its disposal the TESEO database, which collects and recovers information on doctoral thesis read and considered apt by Spanish Universities since 1976. 

The Iris network is a national academic and research network sponsored by the National R+D+I Plan, and it forms an important part of the business public entity, dependent on the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce. It currently counts with 250 affiliated institutions, mainly universities and public research institutions, and it is a member of the Pan-European research and education GÉANT2 network, a fundamental project for the European Research Area (ERA). The initiative "Collaboration of RedIRIS in the realisation of academic work" intends to facilitate the use of the infrastructure and services offered by RedIRIS by researchers who work within the areas of Information and Telecommunications Technologies, and use the results to improve the services offered by RedIRIS. It is a complementary initiative that is oriented in the same direction as the different scientific and technological development programmes. The areas of interest are: multimedia content, contributory work environments, electronic publication, etc.

Prometeo is a Support Project for Training Professionals, through which the Andalucian Network for Training Professionals has been created, an area offering information, training and exchange of experiences.

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