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This is a brief guide to the presentation of VET and HRD research in Finland. In the table below you can find 
  • the aspects of VET and HRD research covered in the Overview (left column); links to information on Finland according to these aspects, including a summary, can be found at the top of this page;
  • the characteristics of VET and HRD research in Finland related to these aspects (right column); these characteristics have been identified in the comparative Profile, which provides further details of the analysis. 
FI Aspects of VET/HRD research addressed in the Overview National characteristics of VET/HRD research identified in the Profile
0 Areas of VET/HRD research (aspects 1-7) Focus: VET (broad area) 
1 Context of national VET/HRD policies Special frameworks or structures of research
2 Context of EU policies and programmes  Specific research contributions to EU programmes or initiatives
3 Issues and themes of VET/HRD projects  Emphasis on processes/ actors (as compared to frameworks/ structures) in VET/HRD 
4 Major institutions involved in VET/HRD research  Thematic orientation: mainly close context of VET/HRD;
Research-related activities: focus on academic/ interdisciplinary activities
5 Funding frameworks of VET/HRD research  Mainly national public funding
6 Professional research associations related to VET/HRD  Thematic spectrum: broad context of VET/HRD
7 Review of VET/HRD research Issues of effectiveness: mainly interrelation between research and policies
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Details of the national report on Finland, produced by Cedefop, which serves as a basis of information for both the Overview and the Profile, can be looked up in the Reference section.
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