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Lately the most important themes in national VET research have been studies on vocational education reforms and research projects on exclusion. Studies on vocational education reforms have especially outlined the realization of skill demonstrations in the experimental phase from different aspects. Skill demonstrations are a part of student evaluation. They have been used in pilot programmes for a few years. Skill demonstrations are planned to be added as a part of the whole vocational education in 2006.

Exclusion has mostly been studied from the view point of young people who are in danger of being left without vocational secondary education. This is why the subjects of research have included, for example, early interference, educational guidance and the inspection of different flexible educational channels.

ANNEX: Selection of ERO Base projects

ECVET reflector

Financial autonomy of professional higher education sector - international comparison

History of open university education and its position in the field of higher education in Finland

International activities at Institutes of Arts and Crafts

Knowledge work and change in work organizations

Learning through the arts - Integrated learning processes, its premises, implications and advantages

Nursing practice and nursing education

Quality Assurance and Practice-oriented Assessment in Vocational Education and Training (QUAL-PRAXIS)

Polytechnics as an innovator for tourism and services industry

Role of structural fund projects in developing regional competence

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