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VET and HRD research have mainly been conducted in Finnish universities. There are 20 universities in Finland and more than 164,000 university students in all. Ten of these universities are traditional multidisciplinary universities and the remaining ten are specialised institutions. All Finnish universities are state-owned and their activities are mainly financed from the state budget; however, they enjoy a high degree of autonomy in their internal affairs. In recent years, the proportion of external funding has increased in universities, mainly in research activities. 

Important financiers of research in Finland are The Academy of Finland and the National Technology Agency (Tekes):

  • The Academy of Finland provides funding for high-level scientific research, acts as a science and science policy expert and works to strengthen the position of science and research. Annually the Academy issues funding decisions worth around 200 million EUR. More than 3,000 research professionals are engaged in Academy-funded projects at universities and research institutes. Academy research funding is designed to promote gender equality and specifically to encourage women to apply for research posts and research grants.

  • Tekes, the National Technology Agency, is the main public financing and expert organisation for research and technological development in Finland. Tekes finances industrial R&D projects as well as projects in universities and research institutes. Tekes especially promotes innovative, risk-intensive projects.
VET and HRD research costs cannot be specified from the statistics. Most of VET/HRD research is linked under the field of educational research. In 2004, the operating expenses for educational research were a total of 50 million EUR, of which 33 million EUR were provided by basic financing from universities. The rest of the financing came from outside the universities. The Academy of Finland supported research with 3.6 million EUR, the Ministry of Education with 1.6 million EUR and Tekes with 0.7 million EUR.
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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Finland (details see Bibliography)
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