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Finnish Educational Research Association (FERA)

The purpose of FERA is to promote educational research and to increase the interest it attracts. For this purpose FERA awards grants and scholarships to organisations and individuals who practise educational research. FERA also keeps in contact with Finnish and foreign associations and organisations working in this field. It publishes its own magazine called ‘Kasvatus’ [Education], among other publications, and provides information. FERA arranges meetings with public presentations, including . the annual national pedagogical event in Finland.


Founded in 1997, Okka is an independent foundation which promotes education and pedagogics. OKKA was established when Ammattikasvatussäätiö (Foundation for Professional Pedagogics) and Opetusalan koulutussäätiö (Foundation for Education in the Field of Pedagogics) emerged. OKKA strives towards the development of the fields of education and pedagogics, the promotion of scientific research, the enhancement of influence, appreciation and standing of art education. OKKA does some publishing, for example ‘Ammattikasvatuksen aikakauskirja’ [Journal on professional pedagogics].

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