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There is no research structure entirely dedicated to vocational education and training. Researches on these themes are taken in charge by a diversity of units: isolated researchers inside universities or other public institutions, small departments within more important research centres. The following structures represent the major institutions producing researches in the VET/HRD field.

CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique/ National centre for scientific research)
Cnrs is the most important research institution in France. Its units are operating in conjunction or association with universities and other research organisations, constituting mixed research units (UMR).

CEREQ (Centre díétudes et de recherches sur les qualifications/ Centre for studies and research on qualifications). Marseilles and its 18 associated centres.
Céreq's regional network includes eighteen regional centres based in university research laboratories. The specialities developed by each research team complement those of the Marseilles staff. The associated centres and their host laboratories carry out specific studies in the context of Cereq's fields of investigation. Objectives for 2004-2007 will cover three fields:
- Work, organisation and knowledge
- Structuring of the labour market and mobility
- Training and certification supply. 
Céreq has also numerous international activities. Comparative studies between different European countries complement the analyses of changes observed in the various areas of training-employment relations. 

INRP (Institut national de recherche pédagogique/ National institute for pedagogical research). Lyon.
Main research centre on all themes concerning education.

CEE (Centre díétudes de líemploi/ Centre for studies on employment). Noisy-le Grand.
The CEE, a public research institute, has a permanent team of some 60 researchers (sociologists, economists, statisticians) working in partnership with public agencies, with the CNRS and other university research teams. Research work and studies concern mainly changes in the nature of employment due to market and technological evolutions, the organization of labour and company policy, the evaluation of employment policies, the mechanisms of the labour market, and the status and behaviour of the working population.

CNAM (Conservatoire national des arts et métiers) and more particularly the CRF (Centre de recherche sur la formation/ research center on vocational training). Paris.
An investigation made by the Centre de documentation sur la formation et le travail (Documentation centre for training and work research: Cnam/Cdft) has identified 160 laboratories and 350 researchers or experts in VET/HRD in France.

DEPP (Direction de líévaluation, de la prospective et de la performance du Ministère de líEducation Nationale / Evaluation and prospective departement of the ministry for National Education)
The DEPP is in charge of the management of the statistical information system of the ministry for National Education. It contributes to the evaluation of the policies led by the ministry and produces scenarios of the evolution of the education system. In connection with research institutions, it leads long-term forecasts, particularly on the relation between training and employment.

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