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Research in France focuses on issues relevant for the current policy themes and ongoing debates. In 2005, the main trends were: the application of reforms, the professionalisation of guidance and of training professionals, the analysis of the training offer, the ways to secure the professional paths of individuals, e-learning innovations, the development of competencies and management of human resources in the workplace, and HRD on the economic level. 

The major actors in VET/HRD research are Céreq and its regional network based in university research laboratories, and the CNRS (national centre for scientific research), which conduct numerous relevant research projects. Other actors in research are the national institute for pedagogical research (INRP), the research centre for employment (CEE) and the CNAM (conservatoire national des arts et métiers) and its research centre on vocational training (CRF). 

Predominantly, ministries finance research projects: the ministry for National Education, Higher Education and Research; the ministry for Employment, Work and Social Cohesion, and the ministry of Agriculture. Through the participation in European Union programmes, the research units benefit from European funding. 

Finally, some less numerous or less represented projects in the ERO Base are both realised and funded by private organisations or by associations, upon occasional requests, e.g. from enterprises. 

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report France (details see Bibliography)
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