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Although there is no professional association or network specifically dedicated to promoting research in the fields of VET/HRD, there are various professional and civil organizations that offer forums and other means for discussion and cooperation.

Within the Magyar Tudományos Akadémia (MTA, Hungarian Academy of Sciences) there are two important committees facilitating education research:

  • Pedagógiai Bizottság (Education Science Committee, organizing the most important annual national conference of education research, the Országos Neveléstudományi Konferencia, since 2001 (the proposed general theme of the conference to be held 2006 is lifelong learning). The committee organizes workshops and lectures as well (in the period 2002 to 2005, one of the highlighted subjects was the development of teacher training), and it provides a forum for researchers for discussion and cooperation also through its sub-committees (e.g. Pedagógusképzési Albizottság, Sub-committee of Teacher Training,;
  • Veszprémi Területi Bizottság, Neveléstudományi Szakbizottság, Szakmapedagógiai Munkabizottság (VET teachers/trainers’ Working Group of the Pedagogical Science Panel of the Regional Committee of Veszprém,, whose mission is to initiate, support and coordinate scientific work in the region. The Working Group organizes lectures, workshops, regional and national conferences and provides forums for researchers for discussion and cooperation.
One of the most influential national associations facilitating VET research is the Magyar Szakképzési Társaság (MSZT, Hungarian Association of Vocational Education and Training,, an independent, democratic civil initiative involving teachers/trainers as well as training providers of VET. Its mission is to exercise civil control and organize and/or disseminate information about forums, training and further training in order to improve VET in Hungary. The MSZT organizes workshops (2 to 3 per year) and discussions on current subjects, organizes the annual National Forum of the Headmasters of Vocational Schools, is the co-publisher of the Szakképzési Szemle, one of the most significant periodical of VET, and disseminates information also through its Newsletter and homepage. The MSZT has several thematic “departments”, including one on research activities (kutatói tagozat), and sections (e.g. on the sociology of education, oktatásszociológiai szakosztály, .

The Magyar Pedagógiai Társaság (Hungarian Education Society,, established in 1892, is a civil organization, the association of practitioners, experts, organizations and institutions involved in education and training, dedicated to the development of the theory and practice of education and the protection of the interests of its members. Through organizing conferences, workshops, exhibitions, providing further training, counselling as well as co-publishing the Új Pedagógiai Szemle (New Education Review), it aims at identifying the major issues of the development of education and at facilitating research and cooperation. The Society has various specialized departments including those on higher education, adult education and training, or ICT based learning environments.

The Tanárképzök Szövetsége (Alliance of Teachers’ Trainers, is another important civil association founded by university and college teachers dedicated to the development of the training of trainers. Its various departments carry out research projects, organize discussions and both national and regional conferences and co-publish the influential professional periodical Pedagógusképzés (Training of Teachers and Trainers).

In the field of adult training, the MELLearn – Felsöoktatási Hálózat az életen át tartó tanulásért (Higher Education Network for lifelong learning, is an important Debrecen-based network of higher education institutions dedicated to the development of lifelong learning in Hungary. MELLearn is organizing meetings, conferences, provides counselling, publishes a newsletter and maintains a homepage for the dissemination of information and support of cooperation.

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