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Some Irish organisations have taken part in the Leonardo programme under the Research Materials Procedure C strand. Projects for the TSER programme have been undertaken by the Employment Research Centre, TCD.

A conference on developments in the Bologna process and its implications for the higher education institutions was held in March 2005. In October, a European conference on 'Models and Practices in Quality Assurance of Vocational Education and Training' was held to advance the aims of the Copenhagen Declaration and the Council Conclusions on Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training (May 2004).

The National Qualifications Authority of Ireland undertook the consultation process on the Commission proposals for a European Qualifications Framework and presentedthe Irish response in December 2005.

The FÁS EU Affairs Department monitors and reports on programmes funded under the Employment and Human Resources Development Operational Programme (EHRD OP) for the Irish Government and the EU Commission. The ESF has contributed funding of € 901.087m to measures under this OP.

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