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Ireland  [5]  Funding framework of VET/HRD research

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FÁS funds research from its own budget. Funding for research by the FÁS-based Skills and Labour Market Research Unit comes through the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs from the National Training Fund of the Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment.

ESRI receives a specific grant from the Government to part-fund its research, the rest of its funding comes from commissioned research.

Universities fund research from their own budgets, from commissioned research and from the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRLTI) administered by the Higher Education Authority. The fund for the PRLTI of € 605m is supported by a public (€ 419) and private (€ 186) partnership between the National Development Plan (NDP) and philanthropic sources. While the overall emphasis is on science and technology, the social sciences and humanities have been allocated €46m. An assessment of the impact of the PRLTI, published in 2004, praises the effectiveness of the programme and recommends its continuation beyond the current NDP.

The Higher Education Authority has for several years provided small dedicated funding on a competitive basis to the universities to support innovation in areas of strategic interest. In recent years funding of €10 m per annum has been provided for innovation in teaching and learning in universities, as well as measures to support the development of e-learning in institutions. 

The Irish Research Council for Humanities and the Social Sciences (IRCHSS) provided funding Euro 8.5m in 2005 for research in the humanities, social science, business and law. The IRCHSS is the National Contact Point for Thematic Priority 7 (Citizen and Governance in a Knowledge-based Society) of Framework Programme 6 (FP6). The Council is a member of the European Network for Research Communities in the Humanities (ERCH).

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