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There are no national networks of VET/HRD researchers in Ireland. The Refer Network in Ireland comprises 13 organisations of which two are explicitly research bodies. These two research organisations, having a broad research remit, conduct occasional studies in the VET/HRD areas.

FÁS, the co-ordinating partner, conducts research in the skills and labour market areas. FÁS Planning, Research and EU Affairs Unit hosts a national, annual labour market conference. At the latest one, held in November 2005, Mr. John Martin, OECD Director for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs launched the OECD publication 'Ireland Ageing and Employment Policy'. 

FÁS hosted an eve of Conference (ECER September 2005) workshop on 'Employment related research in Ireland and Europe' which was attended by ReferNet organisations and European researchers and practitioners in the training and employment area. The event was organised with Cedefop and the Employment Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin. FÁS, as the lead partner in ReferNet, hosted a Cedefop stand at the ECER conference.

The Skills and Labour Market Research Unit of FÁS is a member of Cedefop Skillsnet and attended the Skillnets conference on nanotechnologies in Stuttgart and the workshop in Cyprus on European skills needs forecasting at which Roger Fox, Director of Planning, Research and EU Affairs made a presentation. (For information on the SLMRU, see section 1.)

The National Qualifications Authority of Ireland co-hosted a conference with the OECD on 'The role of national qualifications systems in promoting lifelong learning' (October 2005). This conference marked the completion of the international synthesis report entitled 'Policy Implications of National Qualifications Systems and their Impact on Lifelong Learning'.

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