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Lifelong learning memorandum, Lisbon, Bruges and Copenhagen process

National VET/HRD policies in the past 5 years have been deeply influenced by the EU guidelines on lifelong learning, the Lisbon, Bruges and Copenhagen process, not however by EU research, which probably has only had a direct influence on EU programmes and projects. National VET/HRD policies have been coherent with the engagement taken by Italy at the Lisbon Council and developed with the process of Bruges-Copenhagen, for the promotion of VET cooperation. The reforms have developed innovative proposals for education on the basis of the principles of lifelong learning, alternance between study and work, and integration.

EU certification transparency strategy - Cedefop and Europass

The activity of Cedefop, in particular in the last year with the EU initiative Europass, has deeply influenced VET/HRD policies.
Transparency of qualifications has been developed following EU initiatives since 1992. In the last year important progress has been made for the qualifications transparency. Two Agreements on 'Certification and validation of learning credits', between the Minister of Education and University, the Minister of Labour and Social Policies, the Regional Authorities, and the Autonomous Provincial Authorities of Trento and Bolzano” were signed in 2004. The important effect of these agreements is the definition of a pathway for the 'governance of the national and local system', which will lead to define the general system for the classification of vocational skills, the standard general criteria for certifying skills (training booklet) and credits, the minimum skill training and accreditation standards. 


ESF, through the National and RegionalOperational Programmes, has been a catalyst for the development of the VET/HRD national and regional policy. The programming period 2000-2006 with the definition of the National and the Regional Operational Programmes has financed most of the VET/HRD researches which are used for the monitoring and the development of the reforms at national and regional level.

Research Framework

The Research Framework is more centred on scientific research. The subjects of the researches presented and approved include very few projects which can affect VET/HRD policy.

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