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The Isfol activity plan for the period 2004-2006 is financed by the ESF National and  Regional Operational Programmes, EU initiatives and national resources (from the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Education). The research themes covered are:
  • monitoring and the development of the education, vocational education and training reform and the decentralisation of training policies;
  • monitoring the regional activities for promoting the right/duty to participate in education and vocational training;
  • monitoring of the regional system of apprenticeship, the definition of the contents of the training, the standards for the compulsory training, and the quality of the training provided;
  • monitoring of continuing training and the Multi-sectoral Funds;
  • monitoring the reform of the labour market;
  • effects of the Lifelong learning memorandum, Lisbon, Bruges and Copenhagen process;
  • monitoring of the policies on transparencies and the introduction of the Citizenís training booklet. 
ANNEX: Selection of ERO Base projects

Devolution, decentralisation, regionalism, reforms (concerning VET policies)

Devolution project - Analysis of the legal aspects of the Devolution process

Monitoring of VET reforms

IFTS Monitoring (VET at post-secondary -non tertiary level)

Transfer of competencies on vocational education state institutes to the Regions: effects on the school personnel 

Statistics on VET: the training centres, the activities, the financing

Statistics and information system on VET policies

Apprenticeship: the subjects and the training process

Apprenticeship monitoring

Adult education

Adult Education : demand for lifelong learning by adults

Adult education terminology

Adult education: lifelong learning policies

Adult education: lifelong learning supply

Policies on transparencies

Strategic Skills for Lifelong Learning in the Knowledge Society 

Lifelong learning 

Employability and Lifelong Learning

Labour market

Devolution and reform of the labour market


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