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The main institutions implementing VET/HRD researches are the following:
  • The Vytautas Magnus University Centre for Vocational Education and Research (located in Kaunas; website: implements research in the field of teacher training, human resource development, labour market research and qualification research. 
  • The Labour and Social Research Institute (DSTI, located in Vilnius; website: implements research in the field of employment and labour market.
  • The Methodological Centre for Vocational Education and Training (PMMC, located in Vilnius; website: systematically implements training needs analyses in specific sectors. It also implements research on quality of training, VET effectiveness (e.g. employability of VET graduates). The Centre is responsible for the development of VET standards, thus for every standard the corresponding qualification research is implemented. 
Some national organisations are responsible for implementing specific researches related to their functions, e.g. 
  • The Centre of Information Technologies in Lithuania (ITC, located in Vilnius; website: implements scientific research on the practices of modern ICT in education. 
  • The Teacher Professional Development Centre (PPRC, located in Vilnius; website: implements research on the teachers' qualification development, certification and retraining needs.
Other organisations (especially University research departments) and private companies periodically implement researches on HRD and specific VET issues. 
  • Statistics Lithuania (located in Vilnius; website: regularly implement labour force surveys and survey of lifelong learning in Lithuania.
  • The Institute of Educational Studies of Kaunas University of Technology (located in Kaunas; website: implements researches in the areas of competence development and recognition,  accreditation of prior learning, learning organizations and etc. 
  • The Social Research Centre of Siauliai University (located in Siauliai; website: and The Social Communication Institute of Vilnius Pedagogical University (located in Vilnius, website:  carry out research on various topics of the education system, including VET.
  • The Public Policy and Management Institute (located in Vilnius; website: is primary focused on public management consultancy in Lithuania. The Institute also has implemented field research on VET (both initial and labour market training) and infrastructure development. 
  • JSC “Factus Dominus” (located in Kaunas; website:, together with carrying out market analysis, is currently implementing a VET/HRD field research (on topics like readiness of graduates for the labour market, transition between different levels of education etc.). 
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