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VET research in Lithuania is not widely developed. Only a few institutions are undertaking research activities, and there is no nationally coordinated VET research programme. Universities are mostly focusing their research on the quality of training (curriculum development, didactics, teacher training, etc.). Other institutions are more involved in topics related to the analysis of labour market needs and transition from school/ (labour market courses) to work. Findings are used to support the development of the VET system and legislative framework.

Lithuania few years ago was given an access to EU projects a few years ago. A number of national VET system development projects were started in 2005 with the support from the European Social Fund. They include research, development of methodologies, models and systems, and are directly linked to national VET policies. A specific project for the development of researchersí competence at non-university higher education level was also started in 2005.

Funding of VET research was mostly comesing from different EU programmes (Leonardo da Vinci, ESF, EQUAL, the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development). The Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Social Security and Labour is annually financeing several research projects in the field of IVET and CVT yearly.

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Lithuania (details see Bibliography)
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