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VET/HRD research is not widely developed in Latvia. It is initiated by national policy making institutions, to motivate the planned policy changes, and by universities that have their own more academically oriented research plans. At national level, studies on vocational education till 2004 took the form of state ordered applied researches. The main VET research areas are based on key VET policy documents: Concept on Education Development 2002-2005 and Vocational education development programme 2003-2005, which both state the main development areas for VET.

Latvia has planned to use the support provided by Structural Funds according to the priorities and objectives set in the Single Programming Document (for 2004- 2006) approved by the European Commission (2003). 

The Development Plan has been structured according to the state socio-economic development priorities. Funding for VET will be allocated according to the priority 3, Development of human resources and enhancement of employment, which is aimed to improve the quality and competitiveness of Latvia’s labour force, centred on lifelong education. The priority contains three measures: Promotion of Employment, Development Education and Continuing Training, and Combating Social Exclusion.

The Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Welfare, State Employment Agency and Ministry of Economy manage investigations related to ESF funded large projects. Some ESF supported projects were realised already in 2005. Determination of human resources potential in some branches of industry or some regions of Latvia has been done jointly by researchers and specialists of enterprises.

Detailed and continuing investigations (2-3 years in duration) are implemented by researcher groups in higher education establishments of Latvia. Some projects on social themes are realised by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the University of Latvia. Problems of education politics, quality of teacher training and so on are analysed by researchers in the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of the University of Latvia and in the Humanitarian Institute of Riga Technical University. Some research dealing with the labour market and economy takes place in the Institute of Economy of the Latvian Academy of Sciences and at other Latvian universities.

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