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As there is no VET research strategy in this country, all topics related to the Vocational education development programme 2003-2005 are considered as important. In 2004 VET research covered only the following topics: Quality development of VET teachers and progress in VET development in line with economic changes in the country. 

In 2005 the situation changed significantly, leading to more completed investigations:

  • a group of research themes dealing with HRD in mechanical engineering and metalworking industries of Latvia (4);
  • a group of research themes dealing with HRD in some Latvian regions (2);
  • a group of research themes dealing with problems of socially vulnerable groups (2).
The main groups of continuing research projects, supported by the Latvian Council of Science, cover the following themes: 
  • social process and quality of education, education reforms in Europe (3)
  • professional competences of teachers, teacher training (1)
  • labour market and economic development (2). 
ANNEX: Selection of ERO Base projects

1. Development of lifelong learning strategy and implementation

2. Working out of unified methodology to increase quality of vocational education and to involve and educate social partners

3. EU Structural funds National programme project ‘’Ministry of Welfare studies’’

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