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Latvia  [4]  Major institutions involved in VET/HRD research 

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1. Academic Information Centre - was involved in main Cedefop/ ReferNet activities: documentary and dissemination activities, collection and analysis activities and partly in research activities,

2. Vocational Education Development Agency, Leonardo da Vinci programme - measures/ types of activities: international pilot projects; international exchange and in-service training projects; international research and analysis,

3. Humanitarian Institute of Riga Technical University (Rīgas  Tehniskās Universitātes Humanitārais institūts),

4. Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Latvia (Latvijas Universitātes Filozofijas  un Socioloģijas institūts, LU FSI) - HRD and role of education in the development of Latvian society,

5. Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, University of Latvia (Latvijas Universitātes  Pedagoģijas un psiholoģijas institūts, LU PPI) - HRD,

6. Institute of Economy, Latvian Academy of Sciences (LZA Ekonomikas institūts) - development of a model for the national economy, strategy of the national and local government budgets, development of the national social and demographic policy, conducting of sociological studies,

7. Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia (Nevalstiska organizācija Latvijas Mašīnbūves un Metālapstrādes Rūpniecības Uzņēmēju asociācija)  - protection of the entrepreneur interests in the sector in front of the state of Latvia and non-governmental institutions as well as international organizations; contribution to the improvement in the educational system and vocational training of the sector’s specialists, promotion of the sector products and technological facilities including entrepreneurs’ involvement in the international fairs, exhibitions and consulting of the potential business partners,

8. Latvian electric engineering and electronics industry association (Nevalstiska organizācija  Latvijas Elektrotehnikas un elektronikas rūpniecības asociācija) - unites companies, research and educational institutions registered and operating in Latvia, whose activities are related to the Industry of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Information and Communications Technology; wish to facilitate the development of education and science, the foundation of new enterprises, the economic and technical development of existing enterprises, to create a favourable environment for innovations,

9. Ltd „Baltkonsults” (SIA „Baltkonsults”)  - financial and economic consulting

10. Ltd ‘’ERK” (SIA ‘’ERK”) - financial and economic consulting

11. Ltd ‘’ORAM” (SIA ‘’ORAM”) - financial and economic consulting

12. Ltd ‘’AI sistēmas’’ (SIA ‘’AI sistēmas’’) - financial and economic consulting

13. Institute of Social Alternative (Nodibinājums ‘’Sociālās alternatīvas institūts’’) – sociological research

14. Ministry of Welfare

15. State Employment Agency (SEA),

16. Ministry of Economy

17. Ministry of Education and Science

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Latvia (details see Bibliography)
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