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The Malta Council for Science and Technology is the national advisory body to Government on Science and Technology policy. It is responsible for identifying and addressing major science and technology challenges and issues of strategic importance to Malta.
The MCST’s main remit is to encourage investments and capacity building in science and research, with a view to promoting a culture for science, technology and innovation across private, public and education sectors. The MCST is also the national agency responsible for the management and co-ordination of Malta’s participation in the Sixth Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Innovation (FP6).

The National Contact Point Organisation (NCPO) is responsible for information and awareness building as well as matters concerning advice, assistance, training on procedures, partner search, proposal preparation, training sessions and seminars for specific target groups.

The Foundation for Human Resources Development – FHRD is a national non-goverrnmental organisation established by statute in 1990 on the joint initiative of government and the private sector. It was set up to promote people management and development practices as well as the development of the human resource profession in Malta. The Foundation is an autonomous and independent body and benefits from close working relationships with the Ministries responsible for Employment, Education and Industry.
The Foundation works in partnership with its corporate members from private and public sector organisations, the professional HR community of practitioners and service providers, and other key local players in the field of human resource management and development.

On the international scene, FHRD has a formal agreement with the Centre for Labour Market Studies(CLMS), University of Leicester, UK, to act as its agent in Malta. Besides providing its studies programmes, FHRD participates in numerous networking and research opportunities. FHRD is also a member of the European Association of Personnel Management (EAPM) and the World Federation of Personnel Management (WFPMA).

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Malta (details see Bibliography)
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