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Even before accession in May 2004, Malta’s research efforts have been aligned to European programmes especially in the direction of the Lisbon Targets. 

The three main pillars of the present government’s economic policy are Education, Employment and the Environment, two of which fall under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Employment. The MCST was also within the portfolio of this Ministry but very recently it has been transferred to the portfolio of the Office of the Prime Minister. The remit of the MCST has also been modified towards the formulation and monitoring of policy and of the facilitation of research by third parties. Even so MCST will continue with its participation in the programmes of action already started. All efforts are now fully aligned to EU programmes of action. 

Research carried out by MCST is mainly in line with future initiatives in economic development and employment, but other research is carried out extensively mainly by all faculties and institutes within the University of Malta. Among others these include the Faculty of Education itself , the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research, and The European Documentation and Research Centre. The National Statistics Office also undertakes research in all vital areas of Maltese Life.

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Malta (details see Bibliography)
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