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The most important themes are in the areas of economy , labour market and education with more priority being given to vocational education aimed at job creation.

The Lisbon targets and their achievement is a top priority matter in the development of our economy, and any research being undertaken has these targets as guiding features.

The FHRD is mainly concerned with the promotion of the development of human resources in Malta and the Mediterranean Area in the light of the following motivations:

  • that Malta’s richest resource is its people and that its economic and social development is highly dependent on its ability to nurture and utilise the abilities, skills and motivation of its citizens at work;
  • that, in order to further these abilities and skills, and to encourage higher motivation, it is necessary to create and enhance an awareness of the need to manage and develop human resources professionally and provide workers with adequate and directed training on a continuing basis;
  • that organisations in the world are changing radically and the need to retrain workers, especially those of developing countries, for future requirements, not least in the use of modern technology, is great and urgent; and
  • that investment of energies in the provision of such services in the upgrading of human resources is in the prime interests of the people of Malta and the Mediterranean region. 
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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Malta (details see Bibliography)
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