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Current VET/HRD research

Current VET and HRD research are mainly oriented to job creation especially to stimulate a culture of scientific approach in all matters. The Foundation of Human Resources Development and the Occupational Health and Safety Authority hold courses and conferences continuously to upgrade skills at all vocational levels. In general, one can notice the fruits of these efforts in improved provision of services. 

As already stated, Malta is poor in natural resources and the human element is thus of greater importance. It is vital that the quality of our employees and the skills they possess be constantly improved and upgraded so that our economy can survive in the face of foreign competition. VET/HRD activities are thus classified as top priority. The inclusion of the MCST in the portfolio of the Office of the Prime Minister will surely bring more coordination of the research efforts undertaken by the many diverse entities. This will help to direct research to preset goals and make it most effective.

Future VET/HRD research

In the future needs have to be more precise and directed at the particular development niches the country is aiming at. Due to the small size of the country, our economy is most effective in niche markets which may be of less interest to other bigger countries. Demand forecasting and Market Research are thus undertaken very seriously. Resulting findings are then used to build scenarios and Delphi methods used to select the most appropriate options. It is a marketing method of segmentation and targeting. Once the options are chosen then research is carried out regarding the tools to carry out the work.

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Malta (details see Bibliography)
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