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There are natural links between VET/HRD development and VET/HRD policies in Norway through the institutes owned by the Ministry of Education and Research with particular mandates to promote development regarding VET/HRD and lifelong learning more generally. The National Institute for Adult Learning (VOX) has a mandate to promote various adult learning and competence development in working life. Another corresponding institute is the Norway Opening University (NOU -  Norgesuniversitet), which has a mandate to stimulate the development of lifelong and flexible ICT-supported learning in Norwegian higher education, as well as to promote knowledge sharing and generating and to act as a policy advisor to the Ministry. HE institutes manage these development projects, and many of them promote continuing vocational education and training, also in the workplace context. However, these institutes work with training and development, but do not carry out research activities.

When it comes to links between VET/HRD research and national VET/HRD policy initiatives, major reforms and innovations such as the Competence Reform are usually followed by a targeted research programme, channelled through the Norwegian Research Council. 

Furthermore, research institutions contribute with analyses and evaluation studies regarding various VET/HRD-related policy initiatives. The Norwegian government has, in fact, made significant investments in research, surveys and evaluation related to building the knowledge base for implementing the new competence-policy with a goal to develop Norway as a leading competence nation. The related research and other initiatives have been complementing the work following the Competence Reform, and the funding covers measures such as the annual Kompetanseberetningen (The Norwegian Competence Report), Lærevilkårmonitoren (Learning Conditions Monitor) and ALL-survey (as a part of the OECD adult education survey).

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