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In the inquiry carried out for this 2006 ERO Report no EU-supported research was reported with direct links to VET/HRD policies. 

FAFO, however, is a partner in a large 12 country project on lifelong learning, Lifelong Learning 2010, with a focus on access to lifelong educational opportunities provided by the national educational systems on the one hand and different policies connected with lifelong learning (LLL) on the other. Taken that Norway is investing strongly in making LLL a reality, it is likely that a link will be developed between the project and the relevant national policy making. In particular, as the situation in Norway is such that even if the framework for lifelong learning is largely in place, it still remains a challenge to reach the hard-to-reach groups, i.e. those with low formal education. 

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Source: Cedefop - National Research Report Norway (details see Bibliography)
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