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  • Adult Basic Skills Development. Besides reading and writing, the skills projects under this theme cover basic ICT-skills.
  • Lifelong learning.  This theme covers also increasing interest in activities concerning learning among older employees and investing in the development of inclusive personnel policies within a life-phase perspective.
  • Working life skills and competences. ICT skills promotion plays a significant role in this area, also in connection with access to training and learning opportunities.
  • Working place as a learning arena. Projects under this theme include apprenticeship training as well as learning for vocations and professions in a workplace. There is also a strong focus on practice-oriented research concerning competence and skills development at schools (as learning organisations), among teachers and school managers, as well as in teacher training. This focus is related to the current school reform Knowledge Promotion (Kunnskapsløftet) and is part of the national competence development strategy in basic education.
  • Quality assurance in VET.
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