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Thematically the R&D within VET/HRD is following the more general themes in other parts of Europe. 

Public investments in R&D, as well as in training provision within VET/HRD, however, are relatively low. The same is true also with regard to investment in CVET, both in research in this area as well as in developing and expanding the training provision, regardless of the generally strong focus on advancing lifelong learning in Norway. The commitment and good will is there, but the educational system covering CVET/HRD is weak and the level of activity remains low in particular within CVET/HRD and regarding R&D. Along with the current school reform, however, more R&D funding is currently being targeted at upper secondary education (basic vocational training), also in teacher training and training of trainers in the area.

There are some indications of a slightly increased interest in knowledge building and investment in personnel development in the private sector, but mostly in larger companies. Large sums of public support have been targeted at SMEs to support training and development in this area. This support was following the national Competence Reform at the turn of the Millennium. Related to the Competence Reform, a large research programme was also implemented towards the end of 1990 by the Norwegian Research Council for knowledge building in this area.

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